This is one reason I travel to see how others live and to

canada goose uk outlet An example would be in the case of a reversionary clause included in the deed. If the conditions set forth in the reversionary clause were violated then the fee would revert to the grantor. Reversionary clauses are often seen in deeds that convey land to a town for a public use such as a park, school or cemetery. canada goose uk outlet

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buy canada goose jacket As I stepped off the boat and onto the rocky shore, heart beating with the thrill of sharing the air, the world, really, with wild polar bears, I understood in a visceral way the intricate complexity of that world. I also saw clearly how insignificant I was in the big picture. This is one reason I travel to see how others live and to remind myself of my small role.. buy canada goose jacket

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Canada Goose Outlet Is the wrong message to send, Rempel said in an interview Tuesday. A bare minimum, those questions alone should be a pretty strong indicator to the government to not be using this. Move to accept Sesame reports is part of Canada push to court Chinese tourists in 2018, which the federal government has proclaimed the Canada China Year of Tourism. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Jackets “I understand that students in college are not high school kids,” Fein said, “but schools should be able to do better than that. This is not to cast blame on anyone. There’s no cookie cutter solution, and there probably are lots of ‘right ways,’ but the notion of having a team that can gather and examine information and determine ‘we may have a problem here’ and then work to figure out what to do, or ask others, or keep working on it, still makes sense to me.”. Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket cheap While black ducks and wood ducks still largely rule the roost in Maine, mallards are the most numerous species of puddle duck just about everywhere else, or at least they were. Thanks to a 7 percent up tick this year, the mallard limit will remain at four birds, including two hen mallards. But the past 20 years has seen a noticeable long term decline in these dapper dabblers, so much so that hunters will see next year bag limit reduced from four to two.. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Coats On Sale On Sunday episode of Koffee With Karan, host Karan Johar began canada goose careers uk the show on a canada goose outlet belgium groovy note. He got his guests for the evening, actors Bhumi Pednekar and Rajkummar Rao, to dance canada goose outlet edmonton to Chaiyya Chaiyya and recreate the steps from the iconic song from Dil Se. womens canada goose black friday After they took their seats, Karan cheap canada goose china began the rather mellow 15th episode of the sixth season Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

In his earnest way, he shared with Chinese politicians matters

Federal government community. In addition, she is actively involved in strengthening diversity and inclusion, especially in technology, and is an enthusiastic champion of women in data science. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports ICE employees in their homeland security and public safety missions.

cheap Canada Goose Conservative researchers disagreed with the conclusions of the CAP report. canada goose outlet england Citing research showing that canada goose hat uk roughly half of able bodied adults who receive food stamp benefits do not work in both good and bad economic times, Rachel Sheffield, a Heritage Foundation policy analyst, said having work requirements for food stamps would do more to encourage self sufficiency than raising the minimum wage”A work requirement would also do more to reduce overall welfare costs in the long run,” Sheffield saidRaising the minimum wage is staunchly opposed by many Republicans who say it would impose unsustainable costs on business and slow job creation. Still, raising the minimum wage seems to be popular with the public, as polling shows that more than six in 10 Americans support the ideaThe Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, reaches about one in seven Americans and cost the government $78 billion in canada goose accessories uk 2011, according to the report. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats on sale Jha was born in Nepal, grew up and started his career in India, and came to Canada in late 1994, joining Bell Canada. He then co founded a software company called Isopia Inc. (which was later acquired by Sun Microsystems for more than $100 million) and has started or bought several more businesses, including dgMarket International Inc., a worldwide consulting tender portal. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Online Pairs champion recently suspended from figure skating, has died. He was 33. Figure Skating released a statement Saturday and cited canada goose mens uk sale his sister, Angela Laune. The Stabile Student Center contains a series of canada goose outlet comfortable spaces where students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni can relax and interact. The plan includes 8,000 canada goose factory outlet uk square feet and reconfigures the west side of the first two floors of the building, making exceptional use of previously underutilized spaces. A glass enclosure on the west side of the school’s terrace creates a light filled caf/student space. Canada Goose Online

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale NCAA President Mark Emmert told reporters Thursday that the organization’s board of governors will have to meet to discuss whether North Carolina’s actions are a “sufficient” enough change to schedule events in the state going forward. Emmert said he hoped the NCAA would announce its decision next week. 2″). Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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Is your printer powering a single computer and nevertheless the issue canada goose outlet online reviews is occurring? If so, need to have to check some simple things. Possess a look if the printer cable is plugged in to both PC and printer. If none of these resolve the issue, then delete the Brother Driver Download and reinstall the game.

Canada Goose Jackets We need to give people hope. The world is changing and there are new ways canada goose langford uk of delivering energy. We’re prepared to be adversaries.”. David Beckham posted a photo of him and Fergie, who won 13 Premier League canada goose outlet michigan titles, five FA Cups, four League Cups and two Champions League trophies during his 26 and a half years in charge of United, embracing on his Instagram page with the message ‘Happy Birthday Boss’. You can also send us a story tip using the form here. Join the Manchester Evening News breaking news Facebook group for a place to read and talk about breaking news in Greater Manchester.. Canada Goose Jackets

Now, at the same time, there’s a man in South Carolina who is a deeply religious anti abortion activist. Let’s even say that he’s a Catholic priest, and that his bishop has given him permission to pursue his activism. He is celibate, and believes strongly that abortion is wrong.

Canada Goose Outlet Recall our Prime Minister embarrassing trips to India and China? In India he focused on his bright attire and looked silly, but his trip to China should worry us more. In his earnest way, he shared with Chinese politicians matters dear to his heart diversity, gender sensitivity, and After spending a few days trying to find someone who would listen to his sermon, and failing, he was hustled unceremoniously out of China. He trotted out the same tired agenda at the first round of the NAFTA talks, and was laughed out of the room by the American negotiators.. Canada Goose Outlet

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But I’d canada goose outlet mississauga be wrong

Canada Goose Parka The all wheel drive system didn’t perform any miracles, either, as its open differentials seemed confused by the rapid weight shifts and uneven tire loadings its engineering objective appears to be all weather capability, not augmenting dry performance or enjoyment. Only making matters worse, the narrow all season tires (Continental ContiProContact SSR tires sized 225/50VR18) squirmed and protested in every corner. The five door felt out of place in the canyons. Canada Goose Parka

At the turn of the 20th century, Albert Ecke started field cultivation of poinsettias near Los Angeles, Calif., selling dormant plants to his customers. In 1919, Albert son, Paul Ecke Sr., took over the farm and started selling them as canada goose outlet florida cut flowers at roadside stands in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. By 1963, Paul Ecke Jr.

Sometimes you’ll also find assistance through your own state’s housing finance agency. For example, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency offers the “Your Choice! Down Payment Assistance” program. It lets you select either 2.5% or 5% of the home’s purchase price and apply it towards your down payment.

canada goose factory sale Given these potential risks, accredited investors are going to have to search harder to find satisfactory return/risk propositions. In Canada, we are fortunate to have some sophisticated private debt managers that have created funds holding a diversified portfolio of loans, which are secured by underlying collateral, typically a mortgage on a real asset such as land, buildings, high quality receivables or even something exotic like a boat or aircraft. The loan cheap canada goose jackets toronto to value ratio will typically not exceed 70% and will be combined with additional personal guarantees by the borrower. canada goose factory sale

canada goose clearance I’m a new doorman and not sure how to handle cheap canada goose sale rude tenants. I tried talking to the super but he said to just smile and be polite. Should I explain to the tenant that just because I am a doorman that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be treated with respect? Can a tenant create a hostile work environment?. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats Frustrate all of Canada by putting this financial burden on them with a handout without addressing the root cause, Whitecap Resources Inc. President and CEO Grant Fagerheim said of the financial canada goose wholesale uk support. Isn overly helpful to the Canadian oil and gas space. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Jackets Companies can take measures to buy canada goose jacket mitigate these forms of programmed bias. Pymetrics, an AI hiring startup, has programmers audit its algorithm to see if its giving preference to any gender or ethnic group. Software that heavily considers ZIP code, which strongly correlates with race, will likely have a bias against black candidates, for example. Canada canada goose youth uk Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Online If I’d stumbled not knowing better into this rambling Old City space, with its flickering front lanterns and French door facade, I’d be tempted to think it was a well preserved tavern of yore. But I’d canada goose outlet mississauga be wrong. This evocative air of yesteryear took loads of vision and rehab cash to peel back the layers of trashy martini barhistory so many smoke machines and disco balls that characterized Glam, a previous tenant whose door handle was shaped like a leg and whoseemcees apparently ran sexy banana eating contests.. Canada Goose Online

Treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome is individualized to treat prevailing signs/symptoms and generally focused on correcting irregular bleeding from the uterus, restoring fertility, improving the skin manifestations of androgen excess (hirsutism, acne, hair loss), and preventing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. More recently, attention has also focused on improving the quality of life in PCOS women who have body image concerns. From PCOS is usually due to lack of ovulation.

cheap canada goose uk Give your trip to New Orleans a culinary edge with a lively cooking class featuring some delectable classics! Head to the New Orleans School of Cooking for an approximate 2hour course in the of other food enthusiasts. Get to know an expert local chef and hear the history of Louisiana’s cuisine, including the melting pot of cultural influence that distinguishes Cajun and Creole dishes. Your guest chef prepares famous dishes such as gumbo, jambalaya and crawfish etouffe, learn techniques such as the importance of a good roux and canada goose outlet 80 off the variety of unique spices that classic Louisiana fare its distinctive flavor. cheap canada goose uk

uk canada goose There they sat on the groaning shelf, looking like a rebuke to the entire digital era: years of handwritten journals. Some were slim notebook folders, but most were hefty tomes half scrapbook, half angsty accounts of my school and college days, or bulging clips of magazine bylines. All were annoyingly irreplaceable pieces of personal history I’d carted around from house to house over the years like a ball and chain.. uk canada goose

uk canada goose outlet This refers to A. Faizur Rahman’s article “The essentiality of mosques” (The Hindu, August 7, 2018). He says that canada goose outlet online store review the Supreme Court needs to reconsider the Ismail Faruqui verdict, in which it stated that a mosque is not essential to Islam. NATO documents show that a majority of NATO members fail to meet NATO’s guideline, established in 2006, that defense expenditures should amount to 2percent of each country’s gross domestic product. The median spending in 2015 is just 1.18 percent of GDP, compared to 3.7 percent for the United States, NATO says. Just four other countries currently exceed the 2percent guideline.. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose store But the Selective Service System is still in effect and you can be sure that as soon as a major conflict kicked off, the US would enact conscription just like it did last time. This would bring the same economies of scale which drove canada goose black friday offers down the cost of equipping the soldier of WWII. That diagram would in fact be far more informative if it provided the cost of equipping US soldiers in 1940. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket cheap The problem arises when you’re not going 10/10ths. The blending between regenerative brakes and the mechanical ones is quite bad. For the first fifth or quarter of hitting the pedal, it’s fairly soft, and braking power is fairly mild. Earlier, I said that negotiating often involves the managing of conflict. At times, however, some conflicts that come your way need not be confronted but should be avoided. If you have some perspective you can see things beginning to develop and use your lead time to adopt a canada goose outlet store calgary blueprint of avoidance. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap Canada Goose There are two main types of Retail Forex brokers some other you will encounter when searching for a to help trade forex. The first is to trade through a dealer or perhaps ‘market maker’. They delivers as your manager for your trades. In such cases, the delegation must provide either an interpretation or a written text of the statement in one canada goose online uk of the official languages. Most UN documents are issued in all six official languages, requiring translation from the original document.Multilingualism and the UN Multilingualism enables communication between the UN’s linguistically and culturally diverse Member States within the meeting rooms and halls of the UN. By promoting tolerance, multilingualism also ensures increased participation of all Member States in the Organization’s work, as well as greater effectiveness, better outcomes and more involvement cheap Canada Goose.

Approved in Australia and Canada

canada goose coats .. I’ve done Fraxel [laser treatments] for all the sun damage. My daughters are in their 30s, and they do facials and have all the creams. Mlle. Sophie is French, and she wrote this book in French a couple of years ago. Stackpole has just published the English translation. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Jackets Goes on social media, doesn have to be necessarily the absolute 100% truth. Sometimes it just grows legs on all sides and goes off on all different tangents. So I guess young athletes need to be mindful of that. Hoskins Mort Mills as Jesse James Kathryn Minner as Mama Beatriz Monteil as Dancer Jan Moriarty as Peggy Collins Shelley Morrison as Little Feather Shelley Morrison as Narita Howard Morton as Brian Henley Howard Morton as Irving Howard Morton as cheap canada goose online Roger the Rake John Newton as McCarthy Cliff Norton as Albert Leyton Cliff Norton as J. Nathaniel Pierce Cliff Norton as Mr. Carter Simon Oakland as Lt. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Cleaning, icing, and monitoring discomfort and swelling are remedies canada goose outlet winnipeg address that treat yellow jacket stings. The priority is cleaning with soapy water and then alcohol or ammonia; minimizing pain and swelling with ice, immersions in Epsom salts, medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and remedies such as baking soda, meat tenderizer, salt or vinegar pastes; and monitoring for allergic reactions such as respiratory distress which demand epinephrine or 911. (MORE). Canada Goose Coats On Sale

uk canada goose outlet And the Canada Goose management team have already accomplished a great deal in establishing the premium outerwear category and creating a unique global brand that exudes authenticity, said Ryan Cotton, a principal at Bain Capital, in a press release. Are very excited to employ our global resources and experience to help the team continue to build the business and fuel an even more successful future. President in 2012.. uk canada goose outlet

buy canada goose jacket Coincidentally, Virgin mobile had also launched an ad in Canada in 2005 with the nurse theme. The nurses were bleach blonde models wearing white stilettos and short skirts. Life size cutouts of these nurses began appearing in shopping malls and other retail outlets selling Virgin Mobile phones. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose Notes that is very different now. Approved in Australia and Canada, PrEP is a medication that Canada Goose Coats On Sale can reduce the risk of HIV transmission. U=U is an international canada goose factory outlet campaign about how effective HIV medications are in preventing sexual transmissions of HIV.. canada goose

Canada Goose online Tipping is demeaning and discriminatory, or motivating and lucrative. What’s canada goose black friday 2019 mens clear from all the nattering is that the gratuity is just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface are questions of pay canada goose cheap uk equity, labor law and rising costs. Procter Gamble’s Charmin isn’t actually canada goose black friday instagram slated to appear in the Super Bowl (as far as we know), but that didn’t stop canada goose mystique uk “Saturday canada goose black friday 2019 Night Live” from imagining how a focus group session for a Big Game ad for the toilet paper brand might have canada goose black friday toronto gone. In the segment above, which appeared as a part of the weekend’s episode of “SNL,” we join the discussion just after the ad (which we don’t actually get to see) has been played on a monitor for a group of average consumers. The focus group moderator (Aidy Bryant) makes it clear the planned Super Bowl ad will be part of Charmin’s continuing campaign starring a family of cartoon bears, and she does an admirable job of trying to keep the conversation on canada goose outlet in usa track to no avail.. Canada Goose online

canada goose factory sale His committee is in charge of shepherding the pact to approval in the Senate. Farmers hardest hit by President Donald Trump trade wars with China, a key buyer of American agricultural products, as well as Mexico and Canada have long complained that with tariffs remaining in place, they will not be able to benefit fully canada goose outlet in vancouver from the new trade deal.Congress considers legislation to implement USMCA, the Administration should lift tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from our top two trading partners and secure the elimination of retaliatory tariffs that stand to wipe out gains our farmers have made over the past two and a half canada goose outlet toronto address decades, Grassley said.Trump had vowed to revamp NAFTA during his 2016 presidential campaign. At times during the USMCA negotiations, he threatened to tear up NAFTA and withdraw the United States from the pact completely, which would have left trade among the three neighbors in disarray.. canada goose factory sale

canada goose uk black friday Third, which I just purchased at a local Goodwill store, is a syrup pitcher with the crest and name of the hotel engraved on the side. I live in Indiana. How in the world did it ended up here from New York is something I’d like know. William Barr is likely to face questions during his confirmation hearing Tuesday about his rhetoric during and after his first stint as attorney general in the early 1990s. At the time, Barr argued that the government needed to build more prisons, make penalties more severe and swift and use laws to keep criminals behind bars longer. That would put him squarely at odds with today’s reformers canada goose uk black friday.

We must keep cheap canada goose jackets china them healthy

uk canada goose outlet CSU, ChicoEXCELLENCECurrent page: A Sustainable CampusA Sustainable CampusImagine following a drop of water along its journey its origin at the headwaters of Big Chico Creek to its winding path through campus and eventual confluence with the Sacramento River. This spring, 44 students did just that, using a variety of multidisciplinary research techniques in partnership with the Center for Water and the Environment. They are working to preserve the watershed future by engaging in real world problem solving to improve its health, benefit wildlife that call it home, and support the ecological system that relies on it to thrive.The annual Diversion Excursion diverted a record amount of recyclable and reusable items from the landfill as students moved out of residence halls, including:2 tons of food for the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry22 bedding sets for our Emergency Housing Program150 foam mattress toppers for the local homeless shelter2 moving trucks of clothing and household items for local nonprofitsA record 1,400 people attended the 13th annual This Way to Sustainability conference of the largest student run conferences of its kind in North America it brought together more than 130 professionals to discuss resilient cities and climate change.Chico State is the first CSU to eliminate plastic straws. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose clearance sale They may not know how to respond or help you. Give them time to digest what you telling them. It also important to educate them about your specific eating disorder.Be specific about how the person can best support you. Here’s why manual transmissions used to be the more fuel efficient choice: When you come to a stop in a manual transmission equipped car, you have to select the neutral gear, either by shifting or by depressing the clutch. If you don’t, you’ll stall (and everyone around will laugh at the moron who doesn’t know how to drive a manual). By contrast, an automatic transmission stays in gear when uk canada goose outlet you stop. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Jackets Age is a big Clicking Here factor in whether pipes burst. Generally, older pipes are more prone to freezing, and the life span of a pipe line depends on its material. Richard McGarry, a certified home inspector in Gainesville, Fla., says the average life expectancy of cheap canada goose montreal copper and PVC pipes is roughly 50 to 70 years and about 40 years for PEX pipes. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale Start getting into your forecheck. Start grinding the puck. Start playing stronger defense.”. Bargaining is another word for negotiating if you go to a market to purchase some goods and then argue with the shop keeper for a better price, that is bargaining. Bargaining, is different then negotiating. Bargaining is done by the seller. canada goose uk distributor canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk outlet This is the upgraded unit, which improves the LED display relative to the preceding version. Water consumption on this is 3.1 gallons per cycle, and we found that it can more or less keep up with full sized units, especially when using Cascade Advanced liquid in canada goose elrose parka uk lieu of other detergents. The new version is about $40 cheaper than canada goose womens uk sale the old version, too.. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose factory sale So if you text your booty call a laughing face, a music note, some sleepy Z’s, a fish, and then an eggplant, you’re just letting them canada goose expedition black friday know that they’re about to have a damn good time. But leading humpologists conducted some research, and noted that those who admit to being able to be teased and laughed at actually report greater sexual satisfaction than those who might react negatively to being laughed at. We’re not talking Nelson Muntz style “haw haw” with finger pointing, just some good natured ribbing for her pleasure.. canada goose factory sale

canada goose store Jan.9. Cash was stolen from an unlocked vehicle. Jan.11. Lungs are very important because they carry Praan Vayu (life giving air) and keep us alive. We must keep cheap canada goose jackets china them healthy. Including simple herbs like ginger, yastimadhu and turmeric is helpful in maintaining good health of the lungs and respiratory system. canada goose store

Canada Goose sale Smart meters are safe and proven technology. Each new meter must meet the rigorous safety requirements and standards spelled out in the National Electric Safety Code. canada goose deals The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio requires independent certification proving that smart meters being installed canada goose black friday reddit are safe and show resistance to heat, fire and voltage surges. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket There are far more Canada Goose sale women in this world than men, so you have a high percentage of finding just the right girl. Talking to us instead of your mate. It’s called communication. Chemical pesticides are the main reason for all the health problems in humans. Now proceed to all important point whether we canada goose outlet houston should consider money or ourselves first. Exposure to some pesticides can be ‘hell’ for a pregnant lady as it can easily lead to death of baby and even if the baby is produced will have lots of disorders or even canada goose shop vancouver loss of limbs buy canada goose jacket.

You see its influence in many genres of photography

Eating one you’ve found to be already even a little bit open (and therefore dead) is pretty much booking a two night stay at the nearest bathroom, where you’ll have plenty of time to wonder why it was you thought that it’d be a good idea to eat a rock. (also, they’re not very nutritious). Dickens even mentions them derisively in The Pickwick Papers, making them certified riff raff food even in a literary universe where people are willing to start shit over gruel..

And this is where my musical journeys begin because the actual musical substance in terms of melodic, rhythmic, textural strata and yes, a new form of expression, asserts itself from virginal beginnings. So, Maestro, thanks again for the creative stimulation towards what I believe the great gurus of India have held as an ideal: Self realization. (I still in Maui typing at an unfamiliar keyboard, but so what.).

Celine Bags Online A common method to screen for depression is to ask patients to fill out either a paper or electronic form in the waiting room before their doctor’s visit. If the patient’s test reveals they are at Celine Replica handbags risk for depression, the physician can then perform a more thorough diagnostic evaluation and if needed, recommend psychotherapy, antidepressant medication or their combination. The Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ), a nine question test, has been shown to help identify people at risk for depression, evaluating mood, fatigue, concentration, appetite, interest in usual activities and suicidal ideation. Celine Bags Online

Celine Replica Hospitals and universities may not have enough resources to develop these programmes on their own. Technology is also moving at a speed faster than celine coat replica traditional education can even grasp. It is time for industry and academics to join hands to get our students ready for what clinical practices will demand of them in the “real world”.. Celine Replica

Celine Replica handbags The three headphones already support Google Assistant, with Alexa support arriving as a firmware update in the first quarter of 2019. Users will be able to install the update via Sony’s Headphones Connect App which is available for both Android and iOS. Users will only be able to use one assistant at a time.. Celine Replica handbags

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Celine Bags Replica Avinash Kaushik was the first to coin the term HiPPO in his bookWeb Analytics: An Hour a Day. When a HiPPO is in the room and a difficult decision needs to be made but there’s not data or data analysis to determine the right course of action one way or another, the group celine groupon fake will often defer to the judgement of the HiPPO. HiPPOs usually have the most replica celine luggage phantom experience and power in the room. Celine Bags Replica

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That was the same attitude when I celine 41808 replica started writing my Tuesday Tips. Four years later, it led to things I celine outlet milan never would have imagined (including writing a weekly column that ran in the Sunday paper, and a photography ebook) truly believe photojournalism is expanding in its influence in our society, for its ability to convey human truths in an emotional manner. You see its influence in many genres of photography.

3. Avoid Foods With High Amounts Of ToxinsThere are toxins in your foods that you may not know about and which sneakily take away life from your skin. Highly processed foods like some vegetables oils, flours and meats are hiding a number of these harmful toxins, which wreak havoc for your skin quality.

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One of the two men still missing was sighted by a helicopter at about 10.00am and recovered aboard the Coastguard boat Spirit of Wellington. He was reported to be fit and well. The third man was spotted a few minutes later and the Westpac rescue helicopter airlifted him to Wellington in a serious condition..

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“That went to another person. They called their local law enforcement and luckily, we have this joint relationship with the federal government and we all work these situations together to the end. This one was a very successful end because it was concluded before it got out of hand.

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Are sacrificing their bodies, not only bodychecks, but blocking shots, sliding across the ice to block passes from getting in front, tackling guys in front whatever it takes to keep it out of our net and score in their net. Detroit captain Nicklas Lidstrom likes that the Wings are playing physically, but appreciates even more that are using common sense when they use the body against the Blue Jackets, not getting involved in post whistle shenanigans. Being physical and we were physical at the right times, Lidstrom said.

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Dude basically broke his damn back. Gonna be awhile before he the pre injury Jernigan. A DT herniating a disc is the equivalent (or somewhat similar) to a skill player tearing an Achilles. These “sunglasses for your camera” come in all sorts of strengths (less and less light being let in) to extend the possible exposure time. We saw how it can be used to aesthetically blur images to show motion or creativity or to make up for the lack of light in a scene. We also found out that using shutter priority or manual (or even aperture priority) modes on your camera will often help you attain these images.

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